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Hurricane Wheels BGRCI Mk2

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Hurricane Wheels Brushless Gimbal Interface Mk2 - integrated 2.4 Ghz RC transmitter

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Professional remote control for brushless gimbal rigs with integrated 2,4 Ghz transmitter

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Preis wie konfiguriert: 4.299,99 €

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After creating the Hurricane Wheels Brushless Gimbal Interface  (BGRCI), we received a lot of constructive feedback and suggestions from our customers.

One main concern was to make the setup process easier. With the BGRCI MK1, it was sometimes a matter of trial and error to interface it to the existing RC transmitter. Although we found solutions to make our products work with basically any RC transmitter out there, we felt that this was to be improved.

So we did, what we initially did not want to do: we integrated a transmitter module into our system. This led to a complete new design, which is a bit larger than before and certainly not as flexible, but with the great advantage a perfect match between wheel interface and transmitter.


Heavy Duty aluminium housing

We created a heavy duty aluminium housing with mounting holes for 1/4″-20 studs and plates, allowing to mount monitors, video links etc directly on the interface box. We also provide a Cheeseplate if you need even more flexible mounting options.


Integrated Power Distribution

In order to reduce the cabling, we integrated a power distribution into the Hurricane Wheels Brushless Gimbal Interface Mk2, allowing to power devices from commonly available XLR4 jacks (9-36 V, same as input voltage) as well as a 5 V (1.5 A) USB output.

The heavy duty input voltage converter takes from 9-36 V  allowing the use of professional V-Mount or Anton Bauer batteries, as well as 3 or 4 s LiPos, car batteries, camera batteries or 12 V wall warts.


Integrated transmitter – ready for DJI Ronin

The integrated transmitter module binds to any DJI Ronin or Gremsy gimbal, as well as Freefly Mövi M5/10/15 equipped with an optionally avalable Futaba or FrSky S-Bus Receiver. We only use genuine  parts, granting you the power and performance of an experienced RC manufacturer.


Smooth handwheels

The handwheels are balanced to 0.5g and run smoothly on the high resolution encoders.  Precision potentiometers allow to adjust the trimming and electronic gearing for each axis individually. In conjunction with the gimbal controller software this offers a very powerful, yet simple control over axis speed and damping. We also integrated locking direction switches, allowing for fast and easy adjustment of axis directions.


Built in USB Interface

You can use the handwheels for previz  or virtual camera work, for example in Blender or Maya.


Technical Data

Power Supply: 9-30 V

Current Draw: 0.3A

Weight: ca. 3,5 kg

Compatible Gimbal Rigs (tested): all AlexMos based rigs, like DigiMove, Newton etc. , Mövi M10/15, DJI Ronin, Ronin M, Gremsy

Compatible RC-Remote Receivers: FRSKY (we supply one SBUS receiver with your purchase of a BGRCI Mk2)


Please allow 4 weeks for delivery. The Berkey systems cheese plate is an optional accessory and is not part of the standard configuration.

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