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LRTimelapse 150x150Don't leave the post production of your valuable footage to some freeware. Professionals have been using LRTimelapse by Gunther Wegner for years, saving them time and effort creating stunning timelapse movies.

Holy grail or deflicker workflow - you are all set with LRTImelapse. Get your copy here.



LRTimelapse 3 Feature-Matrix

  LRTimelapse 3
Free Evaluation
LRTimelapse 3
LRTimelapse 3
Unlimited Sequence size No
(max 400 images)
Yes Yes
Key Frames Wizard Yes Yes Yes
Holy Grail Wizard Yes Yes Yes
Lens Tagger for manual lenses Yes Yes Yes
LRTImporter for direct import from Memory Card Yes
(max 400 images)
Yes Yes
Export Video 720p, 1080p Yes Yes Yes
H.264 MP4 export Yes Yes Yes
3K, 4K No Yes Yes
5K, 6K No No Yes
Uncompressed TIFF intermediates No No Yes
Prores 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 export No No Yes
Batch Initialize and Preview create No No Yes
Convert to DNG (lossless/lossy) on Import No No Yes
Select images by brightness No No Yes
Custom Logo-Image
(instead of LRT-Logo in the Preview)
No No No
Commercial use allowed1 No No No
Concurrent installations of LRTimelapse2 - 2 2
Support Support in the LRTimelapse User-Forum Support in the LRTimelapse User-Forum Full support in the User-Forum, via EMail and Skype (if necessary and applicable)
Bonus  No   NoFree copy of the EBook Timelapse Shooting and Processing (English and German) included