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nanoMoCo Stepper Driver/Controller

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nanoMoCo Stepper Driver/Controller

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Perfect for DIY, the nanoMoCo stepper/driver is an Arduino-compatible intelligent motor driver for distributed motion applications.

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The nanoMoCo stepper driver/controller is a specialized, Arduino-compatible* device specifically designed to enable advanced multi-axis stepper-based robotics and automation projects less expensive, and easier to create.

Key features of the nanoMoCo include:

  • Small 1.5"x1.5" footprint fits on the back of a NEMA-17 stepper
  • Atmega328P processor running at 16MHz
  • 8-16V DC Operation
  • Integrated A4983/A4988 bi-polar chopping driver with up to 16x microstepping
    • Up to 800 mA/coil without active cooling
    • Up to 1.5 A/coil with active cooling
  • Dual opto-coupled outputs for safe interaction with other devices
  • Integrated RS485 bus for multi-node communication over long distances with only two wires
  • Pre-installed bootloader to allow for uploading firmware over RS485 bus
    • Compatible with Arduino IDE and AVRDude
  • Pre-installed Motion Engine firmware for expressive motion control using MoCoBus
  • Leverage the OpenMoCo AVR Libraries and OpenMoCo Qt Libraries to create new software and applications
  • Complete scripting control with Dynamic Perception Graffik


* requires a special USB to RS485 adapter to use with the Arduino IDE

Power Input

  • 8V-16V DC minimum of 100mA

Supported Steppers

  • Bi-polar, parallel, up to 1.8A current/coil (with active cooling, not supplied)

Programming Interface

  • ISP
  • Serial programming over RS-485 (requires USB to RS-485 adapter, sold separately)
    • Compatible with Arduino IDE and AVRDUDE
    • 1x. nanoMoCo stepper controller/driver board
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